The Values of Libraries Study: An Update

In the fall of 2010, UPMC physicians, residents, and nurses were invited to participate in the initial phase of a multi-site survey of the role of library information resources in improving patient care. The results of the full study were recently published.1 In this study, clinicians from 118 hospitals completed an online survey that asked them to think of an occasion when they required additional information for a patient care issue, and to then answer questions about the impact of access to library information resources on patient outcomes for that particular case.

1. J.G. Marshall, J. Sollenberger, S. Easterby-Gannett, L.K. Morgan, M. Klem M, et al., “The Value of Library and Information Services in Patient Care: Results of a Multisite Study,” Journal of the Medical Library Association 101 no. 1 (2013): 38-46.